Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are Microfiber Sheets Comfortable

I got a phone call from a client asking me, "Are microfiber sheets comfortable?".
She wanted to know because she and her daughter were standing in the bed and bath store having a showdown over a bedding set. Mom was all for buying this girls bedding set but when she read the fabric content and saw the dreaded word "polyester" she was afraid that her daughter wouldn't like the feel of the sheets and that she would be out more money for a set of cotton sheets.

You know I hate to be put on the spot like that because each person has their own preference and to be honest, most teen girls could care less if their sheets are made of polyester or the finest Egyptian cotton. In my experience, if they think the comforter and shams look cool they're fine.

But for those who may want to know in the future are microfiber sheets comfortable or's the skinny so you can make your own decisions and won't have to call me for my opinion.



The positive characteristics of microfiber sheets are that they:
  • resist wrinkling
  • are lightweight
  • machine washable
  • are non-allergenic
  • stain-resistant
  • cheaper than fine cotton

Easy care is a good thing for college dorm bedding perhaps as important as being warm and comfortable in winter. Another mark in the positive column should be of interest to individuals suffering from allergies. It seems that since the microfibers are so small that common allergens like dust mites, pollen grains that cling to sheets made of natural fiber don't hang around and cause problems.


The negatives range from having extreme static cling coming out of the dryer to having a dull look and feeling like plastic. Some consumer reviews say the best way to wash microfiber sheets is to wash them alone. Apparently there were problems when they washed their sheets with towels and other fuzzy, lint producing laundry.

Getting back to the question, "Are Microfiber Sheets Comfortable", my opinion is that allergy sufferers would answer with a resounding, YES and everyone else should open the package and wrap the sheet around your hand and arm for a moment or two and see if they like the way the fabric feels. If you think that the fabric doesn't breathe well or if it feels smother-y on your skin I would spend a few extra dollars and get cotton; it's not that expensive and you may be happier especially in warm summer months.

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